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Embark on a journey of inner balance and tranquility with a unique blend of Reiki, Chanting, and the mystical power of Bija Seed Mantras. Let me take you on a voyage through your Chakras, starting from the very foundation of your being at the Root Chakra, and ascending all the way to the ethereal realms of the Crown Chakra.

As I channel intention and focus, you'll feel the energy flow, harmonising and aligning each energy center within you. With the gentle resonance of sacred mantras, we'll dissolve any lingering imbalances, restoring equilibrium to your spirit.


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But the journey doesn't end there. Prepare to delve even deeper as you receive an Oracle Card Reading, unveiling insights and guidance to illuminate your path ahead.

Distance knows no bounds in the realm of healing. Whether you're miles apart or oceans away, you can partake in this transformative experience. Choose between 30 minutes or an hour of Distant Chakra Healing, connecting with me through the online platform of your choice. You don't have to be physically present to embrace the healing power within.

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