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Are you curious in diving deeper into the realm of Chakras and what they each represent? Join forces with your partner or come together with your friends and family to explore their meaning.

This 2 hour Group Session is dedicated to understanding the significance behind each Chakra by also questioning how they relate back to you.


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Together in person we will explore them one at a time through Movement, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Chanting and more. This will be a fun, interactive, educational and healing experience for all.

Fulfil your curiosities and extend this invitation to your loved ones, whether they are friends, family or your partner. Come along and choose a date to engage and transform through this Group Chakra Session.

I attended a group session with my friends and partner. It was a great introduction to chakra healing and Sidney guided us through the soothing process, whilst still being informative. We all had such an enjoyable and calming experience.
- K
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